Top 6 best boat trip destinations

Top 6 best boat trip destinations

While boat trips are often overlooked, they often present the best way to satisfactorily tour a place. Boat travel is a romantic adventure that takes you back to the times when great explores like Christopher Columbus discovered new worlds in magnificent ships. Apart from being relaxing, there are many scenic travel destinations that cruising is the only way to fully experience them. In this article, i have compiled a list of the top 7 best boat trip destinations in the world.

1. Island hopping, Greece
Thanks to its more than 1,400 islands and islets, Greece has more coastline than any other country in the whole of Europe. This is why island hoping is definitely the best activity for tourists who visit here. In every island, you will find a ferry service ranging from the giant ferries for major routes to small ones for shorter trips.

2. Milford Sound, New Zealand
It is arguably that New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries you can ever visit. To fully experience the wonders of this country, you just have to take a two hour cruise. You can choose to sail the spectacular valleys of Milford Sound which is the most visited fiords in the country and sight some endemic wildlife including the yellow-eyed penguin and the hoiho.

3. Amazon River, South America
This is one of the best boat trip destinations with edges crowded with jungles full of adventures and unique wildlife. You can take a slow boat and sail from its unremarkable source at the Peruvian highlands down to its mouth in Belém, Brazil.

4. Franklin River, Australia
Rubber-rafting down the great and untamed Franklin River is not an experience to miss out on especially if you are travelling in a group. This challenging and treacherous trip will reveal to you the isolated wilderness of World Heritage of Tasmania, an area full of ancient plants and endemic creatures.

5. Quetico Provincial Park, Canada
This is one of the best boat trip destinations for group camping and team building trips. Here, you can choose to combine canoeing and camping to fully explore the area. The park is well known for its very remote canoe routes with opportunities for self guided and guided forays.

6. Kerala, India
The dense network of lakes, rivers, canals, and lagoons of Kerala’s coast makes it one of the most fascinating boat trip destinations. The most popular cruise which runs from Alappuzha to Kollam will only take you eight hours.

7. Galapágos Islands, Ecuador
If you want to embark on a boat trip withTop 6 best boat trip destinations a lifetime wilderness experience then cruising Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands is a must. Here, you will get a chance to swim with the penguins, sea lions, and even stand next to a blue-footed booby.

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