Gravestones Tips

Sighting the attractions in Colombo helps you to discern the major attractions of the city without much of an intense ( Colombo, since the capital, is such an ideal position to start the vacations and largely the tourists traveling to Sri Lanka take the cheap flights to Colombo.

The city includes a number of tourist interests and delights to offer its guests. Sighting the attractions in Colombo will enable you more to get a deep look into the tradition of the country through monuments, parks and various other things ( The best time to holiday Colombo and book the. flights to Colombo is during the months of November to April since the weather in these months gets quite clear.

Start your tourism in Colombo with a trip to the Wolvendaal Church. This is the oldest church in the city constructed by the Dutch which is still practical. The worthy things here are the gravestones rest on the floor which were really brought from a Church in the Fort. The people from Christian community taking the flights to Colombo never forget to have some moments in the church.

Then move to the museum on the Prince Street erected in the Dutch time museum during 17th century ( At that time it was meant for the residence of the Governor of Colombo. It is one of the few existing residues of Dutch colonial heritage in the city.

In addition to, break at the national Museum that showcases a huge assortment of precious antique pottery, regal regalia, fittings of colonial lords, important manuscripts, masks and various other articles. Next to the Museum is the Viharamahadevi Park which is the city’s biggest park.

As you wander through the lovely lawns of the park, you will definitely cherish the highlights of the flowerings trees, the water canals and the musical fountains. Catch all these delights of nature by catching cheap flights to Colombo to see the gravestones.

Then move to the Kelaniya Maha Vihara, a celebrated Buddhist Temple which is believed to be the place where Buddha preaching for some 2000 years ago. There conducted an annual procession in January in which to participate several people from Buddhists book the flights to Colombo from varied regions of the world.

Gravestones Tips